Ceramic BOOST - Ceramic Detailer

Ceramic BOOST - Ceramic Detailer

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Si02 Additive detailer to enhance surface protection and hydrophobic properties.


Product Information: 

The ceramic detailer you've been waiting for! Use this as a regular quick detailer to BOOST the Si02 levels on the surface. There is a huge reduction in surface tension immediately after application, leaving an extremely slick and smooth surface. Recommended to use this to rejuvenate existing 9H ceramic coating or it can be used by itself! Enjoy the hydrophobic boost as dirt, water and general contamination glides off the surface of your vehicle. 

Si02 Additive to enhance surface protection and hydrophobic properties.

Directions For Use:

Do not use in direct sunlight or on hot surfaces. Shake bottle before use and turn the nozzle open. Spray directly onto soft microfiber cloth and wipe on to the surface. Flip the towel to use the clean dry side and remove any excess product to prevent streaking. Reapply if there are any streaks or uneven color impressions. Safe to use on paint, plastics, films and chrome.


Product Size:
473ml (16 FL OZ)